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Age: 1 to 2 Years Old
Breed: Lurcher X
Sex: Male

More about Copper

Poor Copper. He is now our longest stay resident and we are desperate to see him settled into his Forever Home as soon as possible. Copper is a handsome young Lurcher X under 2 years old.
When Copper first came into the Centre he found kennel life rather frustrating. Despite having previously lived with a family he had received very little training and would be a little excitable/boisterous at times. He didn’t seem at all sure how to behave and it took him quite a while to learn the rhythm and routines of the kennel environment.
All the staff and volunteers have worked very hard to develop a relationship with Copper and help him feel at home. This determination has really paid off and Copper has developed into a fabulous boy, with a stunning personality to match his good looks. Copper prefers to walk on just a lead but we are gradually introducing him to the harness and so far this is working well. He walks so nicely on the lead and is a very responsive boy who constantly checks in with you during the walk. He is still occasionally reluctant to leave the kennel environment, especially if the weather is very wet or windy!
Since arriving at the kennels Copper has learnt to play and is beginning to enjoy a game of fetch. He races around the secure garden at top speed! Copper still has moments where he seems unsure how to behave but these are few and far between. His confidence has grown and he is such an affectionate boy. We would love to see him settled into his Forever Home where he can continue to blossom. Copper would benefit from a supportive, loving, dog-experienced home where he can develop at his own pace. Once settled he will want an active lifestyle that will enable him to channel his energy in an appropriate direction. We are looking for someone who will be committed to providing Copper with all he requires to ensure he can fulfil his full potential, and we all hope that Copper will be starting the next chapter of his life very soon.

Next Steps

If you are interested in offering a Forever Home to one of our animals, please read the Rehoming Guides & Application Forms page.You can apply by completing the relevant online adoption form, fill in the required boxes on screen and then click send at the bottom to email it to us at: Please note all email correspondence is only stored for 30 days.Alternatively please call our Office on 01553 618889 during opening hours (Mon-Sat 11am-3pm) and complete a form over the phone.