Dogs Available for Adoption



Age: 6 Months Old
Breed: Mixed Breed
Sex: Male

More about Kevin

Kevin is one of 3 gorgeous young dogs we have available for adoption. They are all mixed breed and we have had lots of fun trying to work out what the breeds might be – we are pretty sure that Staffie, Jack Russell and Whippet might be in there somewhere! Kevin is a gorgeous compact boy in the style of a Jack Russell terrier. He is white all over apart from his little brown ears, and has the sweetest little bow legs at the front.
We have been looking after these puppies for a little while, but we are now able to arrange for them to be adopted and to start their new lives in loving, caring Forever Homes. While they have been in our care we have worked very hard to try and introduce them to all the new experiences, sights and sounds that puppies need to get used to. Our fabulous volunteers have spent time sitting with them in our quiet room, on the sofa, doing ‘normal’ activities, as well as ensuring that they get out and about, socialising with other dogs and getting used to the lead. This has given them a good start but they will need continuation of training within their new homes, including all the basics such as sit, stay, recall and reinforcement of toilet training.
Kevin will need lots of human company throughout the day, especially for the first few months in his new home. (Please do not apply for Kevin if there is no-one at home during the day.) He will need two good walks each day, plus time for play and training within a secure garden. Kevin is a confident chap with a really cheeky personality. He is very affectionate and loves to sit on your lap and lick your face. He is a typical terrier – interested in everything that is going on and desperate to join in! He is full of fun and a real favourite with everyone.

Next Steps

If you are interested in offering a Forever Home to one of our animals, please read the Rehoming Guides & Application Forms page.You can apply by completing the relevant online adoption form, fill in the required boxes on screen and then click send at the bottom to email it to us at: Please note all email correspondence is only stored for 30 days.Alternatively please call our Office on 01553 618889 during opening hours (Mon-Sat 11am-3pm) and complete a form over the phone.