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Age: 3 - 4 years
Breed: Bulldog X
Sex: Female
Size: Medium

Living with children: 10+ dog savvy children
Living with dogs: Possibly
Living with cats: Unknown

More about Priscilla

Wow! Meet Priscilla. She is big & beautiful with unique colours and markings, not everyone would agree but we all think she is a stunner in her own right. As you can see Cilla is carrying a few extra pounds so we have put her on a diet to help ease pressure on her joints making it easier for her to move around and therefore enable her to live a happier life. Priscilla looks as though she has recently had puppies, we hope they are all safe & well just like she is now. Cilla is only a young girl herself and she enjoys a bit of playtime, the girls who look after her can’t play with her all day, so sometimes she has to find ways to amuse herself and she does this by pushing her cuddly toys just so they move slightly and then…pounce! She jumps on them. It’s so lovely to watch her play. Priscilla walks well on the lead and is ok with most dogs she meets.

Next Steps

If you are interested in offering a Forever Home to one of our animals, please read the Rehoming Guides & Application Forms page.You can apply by completing the relevant online adoption form, fill in the required boxes on screen and then click send at the bottom to email it to us at: Please note all email correspondence is only stored for 30 days.Alternatively please call our Office on 01553 618889 during opening hours (Mon-Sat 11am-3pm) and complete a form over the phone.