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Age: 2 1/2 Years Old
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Sex: Male

More about Rupert

Rupert is a super Staffie boy aged approximately 2 and a half years old. He is a really cheeky chappie and adores being out of the kennel, spending time with people. He walks well on his harness and would be happy to walk for miles, constantly looking back to make sure you’re still there! He loves to play off lead in our secure garden and never strays too far from your side. He is quite chatty in the garden too, and is very funny with his chattering.
Rupert will definitely want human company throughout the day, at least until he has fully settled and relaxed into his new family life. He clearly feels happiest when he is with you and it is heartbreaking to have to put him back into the kennel after playtime. Rupert is an energetic boy and so will want an active Forever Home with plenty of opportunity for walks and games every day. He will be content to lie on his bed when nothing much is happening, but will like the comfort of knowing you are nearby.
Rupert is young but very well behaved. He will enjoy continuation of his basic training (sit, stay, recall etc) as well as the challenge of learning new skills. We are trying some agility training with him at the moment.
Rupert is a super Staffie boy with a lot of love to give. Hopefully he will be back into a home as soon as possible.

Next Steps

If you are interested in offering a Forever Home to one of our animals, please read the Rehoming Guides & Application Forms page.You can apply by completing the relevant online adoption form, fill in the required boxes on screen and then click send at the bottom to email it to us at: Please note all email correspondence is only stored for 30 days.Alternatively please call our Office on 01553 618889 during opening hours (Mon-Sat 11am-3pm) and complete a form over the phone.