Happy Endings

We love to hear stories about our rescue animals that have found their forever homes. If you have adopted one of our animals please send in a photo of them and their story to happy_endings@westnorfolkrspca.org.uk and we’ll post them all up on our Facebook page and we will feature some on this page.

Winter by Lauren

In January this year, Winter was rehomed by Lauren. This is what she has to say about Winter: I adopted Winter back in January and I thought I’d share some pictures of her with you. She is just the sweetest girl, so loving and always wants to cuddle and she’s never once shown any sign […]

Bella & Maud by Edward & Prue

Bella is definitely getting on well, although having a blind dog is quite a steep learning curve for all of us. We have been letting her get used to the house routine so she is starting to get some predictability. We carry her around as little as possible. She is expected to get about the […]

Martha by…Martha

Beautiful Martha in her new Forever Home! I love it here and I love walking in Norfolk. Here at the centre, we are just really pleased that you have found your Forever Home! We love you, Martha!  

Blossom by the Mehmet’s

Just to give you an update on our amazing cat Blossom. She’s settled in quite quickly, she’s happy and loves her food and loves to be loved,(here she is with our youngest).

Eva by Georgina

This beautiful girl is Eva (was Skittles) and she was rehomed 6 months ago by Georgina. She tells us that Eva has settled in really well and she is a very sweet and loving girl!

Basil by Lesley

Lovely Basil was rehomed recently and Lesley tells us he has settled in really well and has made lots of new friends, human as well as canine! In the picture, you see Basil (in the foreground, the smaller dog) and his friend Bertie.

Sophie by Angela

Of all the sofa’s… we have the most perfect girl! Sophie is so well behaved in all situations, she has been to our friends’ houses she is very polite and well mannered… Sophie loves to meet other doggies and is kind and does this 360-degree dance which we all love, she is perfect and loves […]

Izzy by Peter

Izzy came to us in the middle of April this year. She has settled in really well and she is such a loving dog and readily greets everyone that comes to the house and when we are out on our walks. She loves the garden and when we go for walks. She has met many […]

Candy by Stewart

Candy was rehomed at the beginning of May this year by Stewart. This is what Stewart had to say: She is simply a delight and I thought you might like to see some pics of her – and me & her! Thank you so much for allowing us to get together. (pictures by Sylvie Macle)

Nelly by Jason and Louise

We (Jason and Louise) rehomed the gorgeous puppy Annie (German Short Haired Pointer) in March 2017. Her name is now Nelly and she is growing into a gorgeous young lady with a huge character. Nelly keeps us on our toes, she is very fast and loves hunting birds, frogs, flies, in fact, she will hunt […]

Amazing Transformations

This shows just a small part of the work by the dedicated team at the Eau Brink Rehoming Centre in rehabilitating animals in need.


A Very Happy Ending…

Sophie by Janet Thomas

Sophie adopted by Janet Thomas January 2017

Florence and Big Dave by Bill and Jane Graver

Florence and Big Dave were adopted by Bill and Jane in December 2016

Reggie by Maria

Introducing Reggie (was Sid). Reggie was rehomed recently by Maria:

Phoebe by Danny, Wendy and Ben

Phoebe was adopted by Danny, Wendy and Ben in November 2016

Bebo by Robert Williams

Bebo was given a forever home by Robert Williams late 2015

Casey by Steve & Naomi

This is beautiful Casey who was adopted by Steve & Naomi and family in April 2016.