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Amazing Transformations

Some of the animals coming through our door are in very poor shape, physically and/or mentally. We work very hard to recognise the needs of those animals who are suffering and to treat them appropriately. Quieter kennels are available for those dogs who are very nervous, and a blanket-covered crate can provide a safe space for a dog to retreat to if they are finding kennel life a bit too much. Similarly, the cats are given a variety of bedding choices including snuggly ‘igloos’ for hiding in and plenty of different levels within their pens so they can be up high if they prefer. Lots of love, care, time and patience works wonders, as does a regular routine, good quality food and familiar faces. Our Centre staff are trained to meet the needs of the animals in our care, to recognise the underlying reasons for the outward behaviour and to provide a specific care plan tailored to each individual.

Some poor animals come to us in terrible condition, usually due to the lack of low-cost, simple, preventative measures such as regular flea treatment, or routine basic care like a daily groom. Two success stories this year have been Gabbi and Jethro, both lurchers who came into us with severe fur loss and skin covered in open weeping sores. Treatment was very straightforward – a monthly tablet to combat parasites and twice weekly baths with a medicated shampoo. Within just a few weeks their skin had begun to calm and heal, and the first wisps of hair was beginning to regrow. After a couple of months they were both well on their way to a full recovery. It is so sad to think that these beautiful dogs had to suffer for want of a low-cost monthly tablet, but so rewarding to see their dramatic transformation back to health.