Rehoming a Dog?

Choosing to share your home with a rescue dog is a rewarding experience which will enhance both your life and the dog’s. However, it is a big decision and with dogs generally living to 15+ years of age, it is a long term commitment.

Our rescue dogs are all with us because of sad circumstances, so we have to try our best to make sure that their next home truly will be their Forever Home. With this in mind, we aim to match the needs of our dogs with an appropriate family environment. Not every dog that we have available for rehoming will be suitable to live with every family who comes looking for a new pet. That is why we ask so many questions on our rehoming application form, and why we may ask you a lot more questions over the phone or in person! We are trying hard to find each dog their perfect home.

Although some breeds tend to show general characteristics all dogs are unique, therefore important information about each dog’s personality and any special requirements they may have will be shown in their individual profiles. However, there are some basic needs that we will expect you to be able to meet for any dog you are thinking of rehoming. Please read the following carefully before applying for one of our dogs:

Secure garden

You must be able to provide a safe, secure garden that is of a suitable size for the age, size and energy level of the dog you wish to rehome. Please carefully consider any potential hazards within your garden that would need to be fixed before you could bring a dog safely home, such as; the height and condition of fencing; any gaps in hedging or between fence panels; gaps under gates; free range chickens etc. It is much easier to prepare a ‘dog friendly’ garden before you start looking for your new pet.

Appropriate exercise

All dogs have differing exercise requirements and this will change as they grow older. In general we would be looking for at least two walks each day plus the opportunity for some fun and games in the garden. Ideally dogs should have access to different places to walk so they don’t get fed up, and keep them mentally stimulated and interested.

Human company

Most dogs prefer human company throughout the day, even if it seems as though they spend all their time asleep! Occasionally we have a dog who is used to being left alone for longer periods, but that is not often, nor is it ideal. Rescue dogs can take time to settle in a new environment and can become anxious when left alone. Please consider how long a dog is likely to be left without human company during the day. If you are in full-time work it is unlikely but not impossible that we will be able to match you with a rescue dog.

Ongoing care

All our dogs will be vaccinated (at least first vaccination for puppies), microchipped, treated for fleas and worms, and neutered (as long as they are old enough) before they are rehomed. Once adopted you will be responsible for continuing annual vaccinations and regular flea and worm treatments. We also strongly recommend pet insurance to cover the cost of any major health issues or accidents.

A suitable dog

We try our best to match the right dog to the right family: we want all our dogs to live out their lives happily in their new forever homes. If you already have pets, or young children, or mobility issues, or a small garden, or are in your later years, it is unlikely that every dog available for rehoming would be suitable for your circumstances. It may be that it takes several visits, or weeks of looking in order to find your perfect match. We look at every application individually and will do our best to find your perfect dog. Very rarely this is just not possible and we do sometimes have to say no. Our priority is always to put our dogs’ interests first, even if it means sometimes disappointing potential adopters.